About Us

Want to know about us? That's simple...
Let us share with you a little about who we are, where we come from and where we are going:

Who are we?

With branch offices in London, Lisbon and Doha, Art Galaxie consists of professionals who are linked to Multimedia and Art. We like to give voluntarily, and especially for the love of Art, we have great pleasure in giving our all, following high standards of quality and creativity.

At your disposal, you will find Curators, Art Consultants, Art Marketing Specialists, Graphic and Web Designers and Videographers.
We may execute unique and personalized projects for artists, such as videos, websites, art books, art marketing, exhibitions and art consulting.

Where do we come from?

Pedro Boaventura, founder of Art Galaxie, started this project a few years back in 2011. Being an artist himself, and for his passion in art, he decided to create this project uniting several artists he admires. The initial 200 artists were all handpicked by him to join, in what is a free initiative and serve to inspire many other artists and art lovers out there.

With the passing of years, Art Galaxie has grown, and so too have its expenses. Consequently, this being a free initiative, we had to find ways to keep the light on. We provide services at a low budget which will allow us to keep inspiring and developing further.

Where are we going?

Our objective is to create a number of initiatives that are also lucrative to our member artists. This includes the opportunity to sell their artwork through our website, publish their own book, create high-tech video profiles and video tutorials, and even earn money via our affiliate program.

We are happy and proud to say that almost all areas of our project are totally free for member Artists, such as our online gallery, collective Art books, Art Magazine (coming soon) and our specialized Art marketing.
We hope Art Galaxie gives you inspiration as we find in it everyday.

To date, Art Galaxie is far from having met its full potential.This project has only reached 40% of what it actually aims to achieve.
A totally brand new Art Portal, with over 500 pages, diverse new features and tools for our members and the public in general, will be launching soon.


"Even though I am eager to get this project running at top speed, I am also aware that the best recipes take more time to prepare.

 To all the artists who have believed in Art Galaxie from the very beginning, I thank you, as it has been you that has made this project possible'

Pedro Boaventura

Founder, Artist and Curator


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